3D inspection System


3D Vision Scanner offers stability in measurement of objects utilizing the triangle measuring method by which the position of the reflected spot beam is analyzed.

The laser spot beam is diffused and reflected onto the translucent objects generating the light scattering phenomenon and the diffused light source (the distortion following the scattering) is ignored, but the actual laser light source is taken to enable accurate measurement. Thickness, width, height, hi-low, bending, flatness and eccentricity can also be measured.


-Enabling short-distance 3D scanning
-POE+ based communication and power supply enabled

-Enabling stable measurement with the added filtering function
-Enabling non-contact measurement utilizing laser

Installation methodRegular reflection
Standard distance50mm (for short distance)
Measurement range±10mm
Resolution1mm ~ 10um
Wave length650mm
Laser class2
Laser output0.95mW
Ambient illuminationIncandescent, Fluorescent up to 10000lux
Sampling cycle1~1khz
Power InputPOE+ / 50V DC

Filtering Function

-Median Filter

Removing sharp deviation in measurement values

-High Pass Filter

Attenuating sharp changes in a slow-changing region

-Low Pass Filter

Eliminating sharp changes but measuring slow changes

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