Absolute Encoder Control Unit – PV-21 ABC


-Absolute Encoder based position controller
-360˚ split by 30 regions to image products at the specified position
-8 IO ports in total are individually set for operation according to the position by region
-13Bit Grey type encoder supported
-Supporting the virtual encoder to provide the Free Test function
-Real-time operation status check with the front FND and LED
-UI program exclusive for the control of controller provided

Operating Voltage85VAC ~ 264VAC
I/OIsolation Trigger Output CH : 8 Port (NPN, PNP) Isolation Sensor Input CH :8 Port (NPN)
CommunicationRS-232 (RJ-45 Connector) 1 Port
EncodeAbsolute Encoder Grey Type 1 Port
Dimension430 x 260 x 45 mm

Block Diagram

-The Absolute Encoder Control Unit loads position information from the Absolute Encoder.

-Upon detection of an object by the sensor, the Trigger signal output is made to the camera to take images at the user specified position through the encoder.

-The Absolute Control Unit splits the region within 360o to enable a separate output setup inside the split region.