Illumination Control Unit – PV-21 ICU


-12Ch illumination output control
-12Ch independent control and multi channel group control
-Up to 48V SMPS connections
-Up to 10A permissible current per channel
-Selectable application of SMPS to suit the user’s illumination
-UI exclusive for the control of illumination controller
-Embedded with the Signal Edge Detect setup function
-Embedded with the illumination output signal delay function
-Control of illumination output time



Operating Voltage 90VAC ~ 264VAC
I/O Port Isolation Trigger InputCH 12 Port
(Falling/Rising Edge Detect)
LEd Output CH 12 Port (1 Port @ 10A)
LED SMPS Connector 1 Port
Communication RS-232 (RJ-45 Connector) 1 Port
Dimension 430 x 260 x 45 mm

Block Diagram

-The Illumination Controller receives the Trigger output signal through the Trigger In Port from the Absolute Control Unit or the Incremental Control Unit.
-Upon receipt of the signal, it turns on or off the illumination depending on the illumination output setting made by the user.
-The Illumination Controller can change or apply the setting through RS-232.