Incremental Encoder Control Unit – PV-21 INC


-Incremental Encoder based position controller
-Precise triggering and ejection in complete response to increase or decrease in logistics speed
-12Ch independent control over the camera control trigger
-Statistical count function with respect to the number of Eject operations
-Eject setup at the specified position with the 12 Eject Output function
-Ejection of products at the correct position by the panorama eject type channel operation

Operating Voltage90VAC ~ 264VAC
IN/OUT SpecificationIN/OUT Voltage 24V
Isolation Trigger Output CH :NPN, PNP 각 12 Port
Isolation Sensor Input CH : 16 Port (NPN)
Eject Output CH 12 Port (NPN, PNP)
CommunicationRS-232 (RJ-4 Connector) 2 Port
EncodeIncrementalRotary Encoder Input 1 Port
Dimension430 x 260 x 45 mm

Block Diagram

-The Incremental Control Unit determines the position of objects upon detection thereof by the entry detection sensor.

-The camera trigger and illumination trigger signals are generated from the set position.

-At the start of inspection, the incremental Control Unit sends out the Eject output signal according to the inspection results.