Machine Vision System PV-21 MVS Extended Type (10U)

-Supporting the largest number of cameras in the industry
-Breaking the tradition of network camera connection method
-Improved system stability through independent inspection
-Outstanding scalability
-Controller-embedded System
-Applicable inspections

PV-21MVS(10U) Comprised of a Vision inspection PC and a controllerto form a 19″ 10U System to enable independent vision Inspection.
Up to 14 PC’s can be used to perform independent vision inspection,and up to 56 GigE cameras can be connected. Unlike the other vision systems, our system can support cameras regardless of their manufacturer.
This is the system suitable for a case where a large scale vision inspection system and many number of computers are user.
PVS-MVS facilitates the stable and independent environment for vision inspection even a camera becomes faulty during inspection as the rest is unaffected to perform the inspection.

the position controller and the illumination controller are embedded so that no further system extended is required, thereby making the system compact and economy.

INC 12개의 Sensor Input,
ABC 8개의 Sensor Input 지원

최대 34대의 카메라 연결 지원

Absolute Encoder (ABC)및
Incremental Encode (ICU)지원

12채널의 조명 출력 지원

검사 환경에 적합한 시스템 사양
사용자가 선택 가능

컨트롤러 제어 전용 UI 제공

Camera와 PC 1:1연결로
프레임 누락 및 지연현상 방지

Slot PC당 2개의
Gigabit Ethernet 포트

Slot PC별로 독립적 검사수행으로
보다 안정적인 검사 환경 구현

다양한 OS를 지원합니다.



CPU i7-3615QE i5-3610ME i3-3120ME
Core 4 2 2
Clock 2.3Ghz 2.7Ghz 2.4Ghz
Max Turbo Clock 3.3Ghz 3.3Ghz  
Cache 6MB 3MB 3MB
RAM 2GByte ~ 16Gbyte(Max.)
SSD m-Sata SSD Support(Gen 3.0 – 6Gb/s)
Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet 2 Port / inter Chipset (82574L/82579LM)
USB / Serial 2 Port USB3.0(Intel) / 3 Port USB to Serial (Silicon Lab Chipset)
Isolation Dio Input 2 Ch / Output 4 Ch
Display 1920 X 1080 Max. (connector Micro HDMI)
Slot PC Mount 최대 17EA Slot (기본형 + 확장형 X 2ea)
Os Support Windows XP / Windows XP Embedded / Windows 7 / Windows 7 Embedded / Windows 8


ICU (Illumination Control Unit) Input 12 Port (NPN/PNP 겸용포트)
LED Output 12 Ch (Strobe Type)
Output Spec Input Voltage Max : 48V / Output Current 10A@1Ch
특징 1개 입력으로 LED 동시 출력 가능 / Input에 따른 개별 출력
INC (Incremental Encoder Control Unit) Support Encoder Incremental Encoder A.B Phase
Resolution 360 Pulse (1x, 2x, 4x 선택사용 가능)
Sensor Input 12Ch (NPN/PNP 겸용포트)
Trigger Out 12Ch (NPN X2 / PNP 1개 출력에 대한 3개의 포트)
Ejector 12Ch (Totem-pole)
특징 속도변황 따른 위치 보정기능 사용 가능
ABC (Absloute Encoder Control Unit) Support Encoder Absolute Encoder – Gray Code Output
Resolution Max 8192
Pocket 255 Pocket
Input 8Ch (NPN/PNP 겸용포트)
Trigger Out 8Ch (NPN/PNP 겸용포트)
특징 로터리 타입의 장비에서 특정 구간에서 입출력 설정하여 사용가능


Size 483mm X 345mm X 445mm (WxDxH)/ 19″ 10U Rack 장착가능 (최대확장 높이 13U)
특징 19인치 표준 사이즈로 확장형 타입의 경우 10U 사이즈로 장착가능


시스템 구성
기본형 Spc Slot 3EA / ICU 1EA / ABC or INC 2EA / Gigabit Switching Hub 1EA / 7U Size
확장형 Spc Slot 7EA / ICU 1EA / ABC or INC 2EA / Gigabit Switching Hub 2EA / 10U Size
확장형(최대) Spc Slot 17EA / ICU 1EA / ABC or INC 2EA / Gigabit Switching Hub 3EA / 13U Size
동작 온/습도 0℃ ~ 60℃ / 10% to 90%
Power Comsumption 750W Max. (SPC 10EA)


Supporting the largest number of cameras in industry

Up to 56 Cameras (with the Extension Model)can be connected to 14 pc’s using 4 gigabit ethernet ports of each PC (slot) suitable for large scale inspection systems


Breaking the tradition of network camera connection method

1:1 connection between camera and PC without going through the switch hub, by utilizing 4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports of each PC (slot) to improve the network stability and overcome the weakness of GigE cameras (such as frame omission and delay)


Improved system stability through independent inspection

Improved system stability through independent inspection
With the exising systems a fatal error can result in the omission of entrie inspection, with Machine Vision System, an individual and independent network camera is connected to ensure that other inspection PC’s are unaffected when an error occurs in a PC there by inproving the system stability.

Outstanding scalability

PC-Based inspection system supporting carious operation systems
supporting network cameras regardless of their manufacturers unlike the other vision systems that only support specific vendor’s cameras PC-based inspection system enabling re-usability and compatibility
supporting USB 3.0 Cameras untilzing the front USB 3.0 port (tested for USB 3.0 compatibility) can determine the system specification to the user’s inspection environment, unlike the others with fixed H/W Spec(cost saving)


Controller-Embedded System

Incremental Controller and Absolute Controller embedded to facilitate inspection under various logistics environments 12-chanel strobe illumination controller (group control enabled) to support camera illumination


Applicable Inspections

Pattern/ Dimensions/ Foreign materials/ Label/ Shape/ Roundness/  Date Code / OCR / OCV
ITS/ Surveillance/ all other applications where vision inspection and computers are used!


ICU – Illumination Controller Unit

– Providing twelve LED output 12 inputs
– Camera illumination support of the camera trigger interlock
– Operating in the STROBE MODE



ABC – Absolute Controller Unit

– Controller suitable for rotary type of equipment that supports Absolute Encoder
– By dividing the 255 region 360, within the divided region, it may trigger signals control the custom location



INC – Incremental Controller Unit

– Controller that supports Incremental Encoder
– In the logistics of the flow of the conveyor state, that can be a trigger signal and Reject signal output from the custom of the place controller