P-Cam Series

All in One Smart Camera

Embedded Smart Camera is an all-in-one product embedded with an image sensor, an image processing unit, a position controller and an illumination controller to realize an independent vision inspection system.

A single product can take images, inspect and discharge defective products requiring no additional PC or camera. It can be configured as a simplified inspection system, and its power unit is also configured as a simplified system by utilizing the PoE type network power. It supports various vision inspection functions (such as OCR/ OCV/ QR/ Date Code and imaging). Users are enabled to implement an inspection system by simple operation of the built-in program of Embedded Smart Camera.

-Embedded System typed Smart Camera
-Selectable camera resolution (1.2M/ 3M/5M pixels)
-Supporting ERP-linked OCR and OC inspection functions
-Can be used to configure the ultra small vision inspection environment
-Supporting the Global Shutter high-speed imaging function
-Embedded illumination controller

-Embedded position controller (P-Flow)
-Accurate ejection regardless of the conveyor speed
-Independent operation without an additional controller; Can slim-line the inspection system
-Various equipment operation scenarios provided
-Integrated control of multiple Smart cameras with one monitor
-Simplified wiring by relay-type connection between the products


Supporting Various Logistics Environments

The P-Flow for the support of various logistics environments of P-CAM (The product model varies depending on the type of support required for the logistics environment.)

  • In-line (conveyor) System Support / Rotary System Support
    -Supporting the encoder for position based control and imaging
    -Supporting the encoder power output function – no additional power unit to be connected to the encoder
    -Supporting the incremental encoder (Push-pull, A, B, Z phases)
    -Supporting the Absolute Encoder SSI method
  • Supporting the time based imaging
    -Supporting the sensor based imaging
    -Supporting the link function
    -Can slim-line a multi-camera system
    -Data sharing
    -Real-time trekking between cameras
    -Supporting the link between components (other than cameras)
    -3D scanner
    -Mirror trekking system
    -Simplification and optimized performance of the system through the link between other P & S devices

Output Function

· Use of the insulated input/output signals to block external noise
· Relay output ON/OFF up to 350V
· 24V Push-pull  output
-No additional power supply required
-Output speed of about 1Mhz

· Functions related to Valve type Ejector
-Linear output with compensation for valve reaction delay
-Pneumatic control output function to minimize physical damage to the inspection object through power adjustment during ejection
-4-level piano ejection output function (EX type only)


Remote Control System

All status of production sites can be controlled and monitored from remote places using the mobile phone, tablet PC or PC using the APP and programs provided by the Company. The inspection equipment can be operated remotely.

Remote status check using Smart TV

Remote status check using mobile device


Remote and real-time check of inspection images

Remote and real-time check of inspection statistical data

Remote Function

-Real-time production status control through remote control function
-Real-time inspection image check with the remote control function
-Easy remote control function with mobile devices


P-Flow System!

Supporting various system logistics control methods

This is the control system supported by P-CAM geared to respond to various modes of logistics control environments.
It is designed to facilitate active response to the customer’s logistics environments.

EI (Entry Incremental)

-Incremental Encoder Input (24V power supply. No additional power supply required.)
-3 Sensor Input (NPN or PNP type)
-Link out

EA (Entry Absolute)

-Absolute Encoder Input
(24V power supply. No additional power supply required. Direction change, Reset)
-Sensor Input 3개 (NPN or PNP type)
-Link out

Link out

-LK (Link)
-Link in
-Link out
-2 Sensor Input (NPN or PNP type)
-1 Relay Output, 2 24V push-pull Output

EX (Exit)

-Link in
-2 Sensor Input (NPN or PNS type)
-1 Relay Output, 4 24V push-pull Output

SI (Stand-alone Incremental)

-Incremental Encoder Input
-3 Sensor Input (NPN or PNP type)
-1 Relay Output, 2 24V push-pull Output

SA (Stand-alone Absolute)

-Absolute Encoder Input (Power supply, Direction change, Reset)
-3 Sensor Input (NPN or PNP type)
-1 Relay Output, 2 24V push-pull Output



System Spec CPU Quad 1.4 Ghz
RAM 2Gbyte
Storage SD (64GByte Default) / eMMC
USB 2 Port
LAN 10/100 MBit
Display HDMI/1920 x 1080
Image Sensor Spec Type CMOS
Mono/Color NIR Mono Sensor Color Sensor Mono Sensor Color Sensor Mono Sensor Color Sensor
Pixel Size 4.8um 3.75um 3.45um
Resolution 1280 x 1024 1280 x 960 2488 x 2048 2488 x 2048
Sensor Size 1/2″ 1/3″ 2/3″ 2/3″
Shutter Global
Lens Mount C Mount
IO Spec Isolated Input* NPN / PNP / SSI / CMOS(3)
Isolated Output (MosFET)* CMOS(2)
MosFET(3) (350V / 120mA, 60V/500mA)
Light Output 1 CH / 50 W
Encoder Absolute Or Incremental
Operating Spec Power Input PoE+M
Power Consumption 35W (Typ)
Mecanical Spec Dimension (WxDxH) 52mm x 112mm x 51mm