Smart Vision Control Unit PS-21SAT


– Can be used to configure a small scale Vision System
– Can connect up to 4 GigE cameras
– The position controller and the 4Ch Illumination controller embedded
– Can be used to configure an all-in-one Machine Vision System
– Windows based OS (XP/ Win7 / Win8 / Win10)


– Pattern/ Dimensions / Foreign materials / Date Code
– Label/ Shape/ Roundness/  OCR / OCV
– Suitable for all Vision inspections where image acquisition is enabled


– Controller-embedded Vision System suitable for Small Inspection Equipment

The Product is equipped with the logistics detection sensor input, trigger output for camera control, illumination control, ejection of defective goods upon inspection etc, which are required for the implementation of inspection environment on the conveyor line. This PC-based integrated controller system for image processing can also be used to configure a small scale vision system.

– Outstanding scalability!

Supporting network cameras regardless of their manufacturers unlike the other vision systems that only support specific vendor’s cameras
PC-based inspection system enabling re-usability and compatibility
Supporting USB 3.0 cameras utilizing the front USB 3.0 port
Can determine the system specification to the user’s inspection environment, unlike the others with fixed H/W Spec
Can convert NPN/PNP just by setting the input/output port

– Easy Maintenance

This Product integrated with a controller and a PC, requires no installation of additional devices for control signals. Only by connecting power and the sensor, the H/W setting is complete to facilitate easy maintenance.
The Product requires a PLC, a base board, a high-speed card for the IO board encoder, a separate illumination controller and a separate vision system for image processing. As the number of devices increases, the configuration of an inspection system will become more complex creating difficulties in determination of errors.
PS-21SAT is an integrated system to overcome such complexity making it easy to install and commission.


CPU i7-3615QE i5-3610ME i3-3120ME
Core 4 2 2
Clock 2.3Ghz 2.7Ghz 2.4Ghz
Max Turbo Clock 3.3Ghz 3.3Ghz
Cache 6MB 3MB 3MB
RAM 2GByte ~ 16GByte(Max.)
SSD m-Sata SSD Support (Gen 3.0 – 6Gb/s)
Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet 2 Port / Inter Chipset (82574L / 82579LM)
USB / Serial 2 Port USB 3.0 (Intel) / 3 Port USB to Serial (Silicon Lab Chipset)
Isolation DIO Input 4Ch / Output 4Ch
Display 1920 x 1080 Max. (Connector Micro HDMI)
OS Support Windows XP / Windows XP Embedded / Windows 7 / Windows 7 Embedded / Windows 8


Illumination Control Unit)
Input Trigger 4 Port (NPN/PNP 겸용포트)
LED Output 4Ch(Strobe Type)
Output Spec Input Voltage Max : 48V / Output Current 10A@1CH
Feature Simultaneous multi channel LED output with one input/ Individual output
Incremental Encoder Control Unit)
Support Encoder Incremental Encoder A.B Phase
Resolution 360 Pulse (selectable: 1x, 2x, 4x)
Sensor Input 4Ch (NPN/PNP Dual port)
Tirgger Out 4Ch (NPN*2/PNP, 3 ports to one output)
Ejector 4Ch (Totem-pole)
Features Ejector position correction function enabled according to changes in speed


전원 및 케이스
Power Consumption 120W
동작 온/습도 0℃~60℃ / 10% to 90%
Size 232 x 247 x 110 mm (WxDxH)