Windows Smart Camera


-A system integrated with an ultra compact industrial PC and a camera
-Quad Core for imaging embedded to enable fast image processing
-Supporting Gigabit Ethernet to enable high speed imaging
-Supporting Windows to enable the application of various Vision libraries
-Can be used to configure independent vision inspection environments
-External Input/Output Digital In/Out terminal embedded
-Wide Range of Input power (9-18V)

PC type Smart Camera

This Product comprising of an ultra compact PC and a camera in one is further slim lined than a conventional system comprising of an industrial PC connected to vision cameras. The Product can be used to build a small scale inspection system, and this single unit is used for both imaging and vision inspection.

Independent Operation from imaging to inspection

Once the programs required for vision inspection are installed and the Product is turned on, imaging and inspection are automatically performed without further operation.

Supporting various Vision Libraries

The Product supports the Windows based operating systems and various Vision Libraries such as Open CV, Matlab, Labview, MIL Library etc as appropriate to the chosen OS.



Remote Function

-Real-time production status control through remote control function
-Real-time inspection image check with the remote control function
-Easy remote control function with mobile devices

Remote Control System

All status of production sites can be controlled and monitored from remote places using the mobile phone, tablet PC or PC using the APP and programs provided by the Company. The inspection equipment can be operated remotely.

Remote status check using Smart TV

Remote status check using mobile device

Remote and real-time check of inspection images

Remote and real-time check of inspection statistical data



System Spec.
CPU E3845 (Quad Core 1.9Ghz
RAM 4 GByte
eMMC 16 GByte ~ 32 GByte
LAN Gigabit Ethernet 1EA
Display HDMI/1920 * 1080
OS Windows 8 / Windows 8.1
Image Sensor Spec.
Mono/Color Mono Sensor/Color Sensor
type CMOS
Resolution 1280 x 960
Sensor Size 1/3″
Sensor Type CMOS
Shutter Gloval
Lens Mount CS Mount / C Mount
I/O Interface Spec.
Trigger Input Isolation (NPN/PNP) 1EA
Trigger Output Isolation (NPN/PNP) 1EA
Digital Output Isolation (NPN/PNP) 4EA
Digital Input Isolation (NPN/PNP) 4EA
USB 2.0 Extend 5 Port Hub (I/O Board Include
Operating Spec.
Operating Temperature 0℃ ~ 50℃ / 10% to 80%
Operating Voltage 12V(Smart Camera) / 8 ~ 18V
Power Consumption 14W(Typ)
Mechanical Spec.
Dimension 140 x 70 x 55 (WxHxD)